Eliseo Robles

I am a Full Stack Engineer and Technology Consultant based in Dallas.

My experience spans both corporate and entrepreneurial roles. I have built a robust career at Charles Schwab, contributing my skills in full stack engineering and architecture.

Concurrently, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey founding and selling a startup and leading Robles Consulting as a side venture. Our team is committed to supporting our clients with impactful digital development services, offering them comprehensive software solutions and an enhanced online presence. This dual approach allows us to empower dozens of businesses to achieve their goals and thrive in their respective markets.

In addition to my core role, I have engaged in cutting-edge AI projects centered on professional development, and have expanded my skill set to include DevOps, bolstering my strong background in batch processing systems. I have expanded my business knowledge through international experience and business-oriented learnings, such as an internship with LafargeHolcim Europe (Switzerland), managing the Goodwall Ambassador Program (Switzerland), and completing courses from Harvard Business School and Cornell University. These enriching experiences have further honed my development, problem-solving, and business management skills.

As an expert in frontend and backend technologies, and with a particular focus on batch processing systems, I deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of businesses and startups. My strengths lie in my ability to understand and align with clients' business goals, and I bring a problem-solving mindset to every challenge. I am always eager to discuss ideas and explore how I can contribute to your business growth. In today's dynamic digital landscape, a second opinion can often provide valuable insights, and I'm here to offer a balanced viewpoint to help you achieve your objectives.

Feel free to reach out and say ‘Hi’ via @LinkedIn or @email.

(P.S. Or you can say ‘Hola’ or ‘Hallo’, I speak Spanish and German as well!)